Western Shore Beaches

Eel Point Beach

This beach is very remote being on the most western end of the North shore and is also subject to tidal flooding. It is possible to get stranded out there if the conditions are right. There is lots of sea grass which is great for eels, hence the name of the beach. Eel Point is the best beach on Nantucket for collecting seashells. You can walk all around the point and find some shells that you won`t find on any of the other beaches. Bring a bucket to fill with shells. There are no lifeguards or restrooms on this beach. You are on your own. Eel Point is also a great place to watch the sunsets. Not as nice as Madaket, but a very close second.

Madaket Beach

This is a huge beach and is THE beach for watching the sunsets. The western most tip of the beach is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle. There are no longer lifeguards or restrooms. The surf is also very heavy.

Smith`s Point

This is the western most tip of Madaket and was only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle or by boat. Due to a cut, this great fishing spot.