South Shore Beaches

Cisco Beach

Located on the western side of the south shore at the end of Hummock Pond Road, this beach is known for surfers and soft sand, very soft sand. The surf is very strong and there are limited lifeguards and restrooms.

Miacomet Beach

Located at the end of Miacomet Road or South Shore Drive, this beach has very heavy surf and very strong currents. It is a long beach with a lifeguard in one area. There are no restrooms.

Surfside Beach

Located at the end of Surfside Road, this is a very popular beach with the younger crowd. It is easily reached by bus or bike. The surf can be heavy. Food, restrooms and lifeguards are at this beach.

Tom Nevers Beach

Located at the end of Tom Nevers Road, this beach has very coarse sand. The surf can be heavy and there are no lifeguards or restrooms available.